onsdag 16 mars 2011

Underbara filtar

"Soft-Maps (c) are quilted maps of cities and neighborhoods that represent someone's unique place in the world. Wrap your children in them, have a picnic, pull them close during the next Nor'easter. As a keepsake, a Soft-Map serves as an intimate reminder of home: where you’re from and where you belong. In a world that is increasingly digitized and remote, a quilted Soft-Map provides an expressive way to reconnect with your surroundings.

Not only beautiful, these blankets can be used as a mnemonic tool. As your child grows up with a Soft Map, they learn to read their neighborhood and its landmarks in a tactile, easily remembered way."

Dessa filtar från Haptic Lab får gärna flytta hem till mig. Otroligt vackra med sina eleganta kartor. Tänk att sitta i en skön fåtölj insvept i en av dessa filtar och samtidigt planera nästa resa, underbart.


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